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Success in the retail marketplace today requires data-driven solutions that redefine the traditional role of commercial brokerage. The most effective retail brokerage involves more than facilitating leases, but also requires brokers to provide comprehensive business advisory and consulting services to landlords and tenants alike. Winick Analytics provides our clients with customized analytics products that enrich business data with geographic context, help visualize local market trends and patterns, and leverage location intelligence in everyday decision-making

Locational Analytics

Marketplace x-rays that uncover hidden

Winick Analytics is continually building and curating relevant databases in order to ensure that our clients are informed with the most powerful knowledge of the marketplace. Using our library of data, we are able to give the most insightful portrait of hyperlocal socio-economic climate, tailored to a landlord’s or retailer’s individual needs. We use these portraits to compare locations across the city, parsing out the unique advantages and challenges of each location. In landlord representation, this assists the brokerage team in marketing the property with detailed reporting of their site’s locational advantages. In tenant representation, this customized analysis identifies the geographic characteristics of potential sites that will be the best fit for a retailer to occupy and flourish.

Where There is Market Failure, There is Opportunity

By deep-diving into the economic and psychographic composition of a marketplace, we provide landlords and retailers empirically-evidence “stories” - a data-driven story that demonstrates graphically the full revenue potential of a given site, in a given trade area, in a given geography.

Business Intelligence

Trend identification and pattern recognition that locates opportunity. Winick Analytics is more than just maps - it is business intelligence through location optimization. We work with a retail businesses to identify their unique “economic denominator” - that is, the key performance indicator most critical to the viability of the enterprise (i.e. profit per customer transaction). Using the retailer’s historical performance data, we run descriptive and predictive regression models to identify and analyze correlation between the performance data and our expansive database of local demographic data. Winick Analytics works in dual fashion to not only provide insight into the locational drivers of business performance but also by using these drivers in order to advise for future expansions.

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